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Funded by a continuous family endowment, the foundation works principally in the fields of education and micro-business development.

Tree Foundation was established in 1996 by the Zackariya family, descendants of a successful Sri Lankan Entrepreneur and Business Leader, who emigrated to the United Kingdom to complete his graduate and post-graduate studies after growing up in southern Sri Lanka. Numerous expeditions to Sri Lanka, taken during their youth dramatically illustrated the wide gaps in standards of living and education between the developed and developing worlds.  The foundation was formed to help address these gaps and to aid Sri Lanka’s rural population in their efforts to develop a sustainable future.  The foundation also supports select non-profit organisations in other South East Asian countries that promote the same values and goals, thereby increasing its reach and impact.  


Funded by a continuous family endowment, the foundation works principally in the fields of education and micro-business development. Specific smaller projects are also undertaken to aid environmental protection and the promotion of peace, gender equality and racial harmony around the world. Above all, the foundation’s mission is to help local people in shaping their own destinies through enhanced education and micro-business support. Since its formation, the Foundation has supported over 1'200 children and young people to complete their education and aided in the creation of hundreds of professionals, doctors, engineers and teachers that support the Sri Lankan and wider South East Asian economies.   





Our Partners


Tree Foundation has a strong network of local partners through its Sri Lankan operating committee. They work in partnership with local authorities ranging from school principals to priests, village elders and leaders to local grassroots organizations. As a result, all the aid recipients come with references from the local communities they live in. 

Tree Foundation also works with key international organizations that assist the foundation in operating effectively and creating lasting impact. For its post-tsunami humanitarian relief and re-building work, the foundation partnered with International Labour Organization's (the ILO) Sri Lanka office, which commended Field Officers for the Foundation to hire, who then carry out regular monitoring of the funded projects. The Foundation also supports select non-profit organisations working in South East Asia and elsewhere in the world. Most notably the foundation has recently funded the building of a primary school in rural Cambodia through one of its international development partners.