Our programmes

Educational Scholarships


Annually, the Tree Foundation funds over two hundred children and young people to participate in school and university education through the issuing of educational scholarships and grants. Throughout its history it has supported over 1'200 individuals from rural communities to complete their studies and graduate into professions supporting the local economies. 

The issuance of grants is covered by a strict policy to ensure a varied distribution between different ethnic and religious groups. Grants may not discriminate applicants based on the recipient's race, ethnicity, religious affiliation or sexual orientation. Grants may be targeted to address imbalances of opportunity between men and women. Tree Foundation strives to maintain an open and transparent operating environment, and toward that end keeps as much information about its activities publicly available as possible, without violating the privacy of its grant recipients.

Each application is reviewed on its merits by the local Tree Foundation operating committee based in Colombo. The local committee comprises of professionals in the fields of social work, medicine and law, who are well placed to foster networks with local rural communities and authorities, enabling them to reach the disadvantaged and correctly evaluate the need and merit of each application.  

Micro Business Development


Tree Foundation aims to select Micro-Business development projects that will help local rural economies and assist families that are striving to get out of the cycle of poverty. Most of our micro-business projects are direct grants that are distributed on a needs basis and evaluated on their potential for a successful impact in the individual’s life or in the wider community.

The Foundation focuses on local grassroots projects that are sustainable and establish a holistic solution to local needs. It may offer start-up capital for local small businesses or help with the provision of specific equipment, such as providing sewing machines for a new garment business, boats for fishermen or tools and equipment for a carpentry business.  Recipients for assistance are selected mainly through local references and an interview process. Our local committee also provides oversight, advice and guidance for the grant recipients as they develop their enterprises.